Can good food protect your ears from loud noises?: USA – A healthy diet may offer some protection from hearing loss due to noise
Med diet with olive oil associated with improved cognitive function: SPAIN – Supplementing the plant-based Mediterranean diet with antioxidant-rich extra virgin olive
Ease of weight loss influenced by individual biology: USA – For the first time in a lab, researchers at the


Nature or nurture? Twins suggest it’s a tie: AUSTRALIA – The question of whether nature or nurture governs our health
Saying no to clinical trials may bring regret: USA – Women who decline to participate in a clinical trial may be
Relax. Your aging brain is just behaving normally: USA – Misplaced your car keys lately? Can’t remember if you locked the

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Obama Administration Releases Action Plan on Antibiotic Resistance WASHINGTON – The White House released a comprehensive plan that identifies critical actions to be taken by key Federal departments and agencies to combat the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Monitoring the safety of medicines: EMA presents its first report BRUSSELS – The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has presented the European Commission with its first report on the tasks it undertook during the first year of application of the EU’s
Healthcare in your pocket: unlocking the potential of mHealth BRUSSELS – The European Commission is today launching a consultation on #mHealth or mobile health, asking for help in finding ways to enhance the health and wellbeing of Europeans with the use


DURHAM – The discovery of the “exercise hormone” irisin
ST. LOUIS – In a paper recently published in
USA – A new study suggests that engaging in